About transportation, financial cost (airfare, etc.)

There are five airlines that fly from the US to San Pedro Sula, Honduras (United, American, Delta, Taca, and Spirit).  Generally, flight costs vary between $600 and $800 per person for a round trip ticket.  Travel agents are very useful when seeking out the best ticket prices.  World Missions Tours is one such agency that specializes in travel arrangements for short-term mission teams. Kayak.com is also a good source for finding low rates. Booking your ticket is something that you must do on your end since you will know how many people are flying, where you are flying from, and how long you will be staying.

Where will team members stay?

Once you arrive in Honduras, we will be there to pick up your group and take you to your housing arrangements.  Make sure the missionary knows the day, hour, carrier, and number of the flight on which you will arrive.  Teams will stay in the dorms or in the administrative house at the Bible Institute.  We have separate housing arrangements for men and women. 

What other expenses might be incurred?

          1.•Food - Food can be worked out in many ways, but it is another expense to be considered. We ask that teams plan on bringing $20 per day, per person.  This provides funds for eating at the institute for all meals and also leaves enough funds for the team to enjoy a couple meals out at a restaurant.  We encourage teams to bring snack foods such as pop tarts, candy bars, nuts, etc. 

          2.•Project Funds - If your mission team is providing funds for a building project, those funds should be sent to the forwarding agent in advance so that materials can be purchased and ready for the mission team when they arrive.  We ask work teams to bring $120 per person for the purchase of building supplies.  Some tools are best bought in the United States and then carried down here as tools are very expensive.  What tools you need to bring will depend upon exactly what you will be doing and what the missionary has available for use.  This should be worked out with the missionary closer to the time of your planned trip.

          3.•Passport - Each mission team member is required to have a Passport.  No special visa is necessary.  Passports can usually be obtained within three months of application, however there are times when it can take longer.  For an extra fee, passports can be rushed and delivered within 30 days.  Applications for passports can be obtained through most post offices. We recommend calling your local post office to inquire about current requirements.

          4.•Travelers Insurance - We require each team member to carry traveler's insurance. In case of an accident, the medical expenses would be covered. In extreme cases, this insurance may provide emergency air lifting to the U.S. The following sites will provide more information on travelers’ insurance: Google: eGlobalHealth, OTPPlan, and MissionFinder.

          5.•Fun Day - Usually, work teams have a day off where they can choose from one of many interesting and fun tourist spots.  The cheapest of these would be a trip to the waterfall (about $7 per person). Other sites of interest include a day trip to the beach at Tela (appx. $30 per person) or an over night trip to the Mayan Ruins at Copan (appx. $80 per person). Please let the missionary know in advance what you desire for your recreation day, if any.

          6.•Souvenirs - There should be time for team members to shop at a tourist market where souvenirs can be purchased.  It is completely up to the team members to determine how much they want to spend on tourist items and to bring those funds with them.  It is recommended that you bring the new, crisp, and un-torn US currency as the banks here do not like to accept marked or torn bills.  The tourist market will accept US dollars, however, the grocery store, or any other type of store may only accept Honduran Lempiras.  We will be able to help you with Lempira exchange once you are down here; please do not exchange money at the airport.  Travelers checks are also not recommended as they are extremely difficult to cash. 

What else do team members need?

US Dept. of State suggests shots for Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B, but are not required for entrance.  It is also recommended that a visitor take medication for Malaria.  However, this is also not a requirement.  Please note that the host missionaries have never had these vaccinations.  We do recommend repellent.

What should team members bring?

Mission team members should bring their own toiletries (soap, shampoo, wash rag, towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.)  Please also bring your own sheets and pillow.

The following is a brief and probably inadequate checklist:



          3.•Journal for quiet times and etc.

          4.•Clothing (be sure to pack a change in your carry-on in case your luggage is lost.)

          5.•Light weight or moisture wicking short sleeve shirts (preferably a light color) and Sunscreen

          6.•Long pants are preferable

          7.•Swimming clothes (no two piece bikinis or short shorts)

          8.•Work shoes and beach shoes (if you like)

          9.•Church attire is casual

          10.•Airplane ticket

          11.•Any special medications

          12.•Flashlight and extra batteries

          13.•Camera and film / memory card and batteries

          14.•Video camera (if you have one and would like video)

          15.•Insect repellent with DEET

          16.•SPF 30 or HIGHER sunscreen is strongly recommended depending on your skin type.

          17.•Towel and toiletry items


          19.•Sheets and pillows

          20.•Pictures from home (to help with homesickness and because everyone loves to look at pictures)

          21.•A hair dryer (if you really want to use one)

Other recommendations

It is good to start team meetings about four months in advance so that those people who are new to the idea of traveling outside the country can have time to secure a passport.  The passport should be priority number one on everyone's checklist because the airline will need the name of the travelers as they appear on the passport in order to print the tickets.  Starting early also insures that the group will gel together as a team and will have an opportunity to pray together about the experiences they will soon encounter.

In preparing the food menus, please let the missionary know in advance of any special dietary needs or allergies of anyone in the group.  We also recommend that one person be assigned each day to help prepare meals.

Traveling in any foreign country has its dangers.  Honduras is no different.  Because of the deteriorating economy, crime is on the rise.  Rest assured that we, as your hosts, will take every precaution to insure the safety of our guests.  Also, you should be prepared for some rough roads and driving styles that may be different than that to which you are accustomed.


Planning a trip with a team