1971-1992 Bill and Margy served in Queretaro, Mexico

          Produced Christian Radio Programs  

     -     Correspondence Classes

     -     Visitations to Students

          Worked in the Local Church

          Developed A Camp Program

          Taught at a Bible Institute

          Attended a small English-speaking church

          Raised their two children, Mark and Rebecca

1992-1993 The Hoffs lived at Johnson University in Knoxville, TN

          Bill taught at the college

          Mark was a freshman at Johnson University

1993-2014 Bill and Margy served in San Pedro Sula, Honduras

          Directed a Bible Institute - a 2-year residential program to train pastors

          1996-2010: Graduated 6 classes of 32 total men

Many of the graduates now serve in churches throughout Honduras.

          2011-2014 Leadership Training Seminars for 8 churches in 6 locations

Approximately 50 church leaders completed the course.

1999-2001 Mark and Joy taught at a school for missionary kids in San Jose, Costa Rica.

2001- Mark and Joy joined Bill and Margy in San Pedro Sula, Honduras


Encouraging and Caring for Missionaries

          Missionary Kid Youth Camps and Retreats

          11th-12th Grade Missionary Kid Re-Entry Retreats

          Annual Missionary Conferences for Missionary Families

          Hosting Missionaries in their home

          Helping Missionaries navigate life in Honduras (residency paperwork, purchasing supplies, buying and selling vehicles, moving logistics, police reports, etc.)

          Listening to Missionaries’ Struggles over cups of coffee

          Providing counsel

          Repairing cars and computers

          Caring for the health and physical needs of elderly missionaries

          Responding to Crisis

          Connecting and Networking missionaries to help one another

Empowering Pastors

          Attending Quarterly Pastors’ Meetings

          Hosting Pastors and Their Families in Our Homes

          Listening to and Advising Pastors

          Helping with a Pastors’ Wives’ Retreat

Educating Church Leaders

          Bible Institute and Leadership Training Seminars (1996-2014)

          Camps and Retreats (Annual Mens’ Retreat, Annual Women’s Retreat, Christ in Youth Camp)

          One-on-one Mentoring and Discipling

Engaging a Community


          Plans to open a coffee shop in order to engage the middle class and help sustain the ministry

          Plans to have a covered arena soccer field to bring in young people and also serve as a gathering place

          Plans to have  playground/park for children and families to be encouraged and introduced to Jesus

     Plans to have a small groups that will eventually build a church in a growing community

B.C.M Foundation and History